Staying Healthy at Princeton

Returning to school after a leave can be challenging for a number of reasons. You will be adjusting to being back in class, managing academic work, reconnecting socially, and establishing new friendships.  Please don't feel alone in this transition; there are many resources to guide your return to the University community.  Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) can provide you with support in your transition back to school.  Often, speaking with a counselor even for just a handful of sessions can be helpful. CPS also offers a Back at Princeton Group for undergraduates who would like support as they transition back to campus life after a leave of absence.

If you took time away because of mental health concerns, it is important that you have a good treatment plan in place when you come back to school. CPS can assist you in putting together that plan and connect you with off-campus referrals if you need ongoing support. Staying healthy is essential to success, so pay attention to getting enough sleep, eating healthy and nutritious meals, finding time to exercise, and making sure you stay connected with others. 

In addition to CPS and University Health Services (UHS), there are other resources at Princeton you can take advantage of to make sure you stay healthy.  Consider recreational activities at Dillon Gym. Take advantage of the Gender + Sexuality Resource Center and the Carl A. Fields Center to connect with other students.  Reach out and register with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) if you need accommodations. 

Finally make sure you check in regularly with your college dean and assistant dean for student life for ongoing support and help.  We want you to be successful at Princeton and we’ll try to be helpful in any way we can.       

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