Reconnecting Socially

Reconnecting socially on campus is something that many students worry about as they return from time away. As you can glean from the student voices on this site, there are many ways to approach this process of reintegration and no one right way to do it.

As you readjust to campus life, you may develop new communities of support and shared interests, and reconnect with old friends. Whether your interests are in finding a specific club or organization to participate in, engaging with a specific affinity group, joining an eating club, or getting involved with service, we have many pathways for you to explore.

Here are a few ways to connect with fellow Tigers who have shared interests:

Interest in joining a club, organization or starting a new one

Becoming a Princeton Leader

Student-focused spaces that support the cultural dimensions of your Tiger experience

Share meals with new friends! Eating Clubs, Co-ops and more

Students might also be interested in joining the Scholars Institute Fellows Program (SIFP) when they return from leave. SIFP is a mentorship community for first-generation, lower-income (Fli) Princeton students, as well for as military-affiliated, transfer, non-traditional, and other historically underrepresented students. SIFP is a great way to form community and friendship with other students, learn about helpful resources and opportunities on- and off-campus, and gain mentorship from a wide network of peers, graduate students, alumni, and faculty members. Students who are interested in joining SIFP should visit  More information is available by calling 609-258-1013.

Your return to Princeton can include both new experiences and ones that give you continuity. If you ever have a question, concern, or would like talk through your experience reconnecting socially, feel free to reach out to your assistant dean for student life or RCA.

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