Reconnecting Academically

Prior to being officially reinstated, returning sophomores, juniors, and seniors are usually eligible to participate in course enrollment during the regular TigerHub course enrollment period for their class. Your dean and/or directors of studies are also available via phone and Skype to assist you with course selection. Students who are in academic departments should also be in touch with their departmental director of undergraduate studies (DUS).  AB and BSE first-year students returning in a fall semester will be assigned to new academic advisers, and will enroll in classes during orientation, along with all other members of the first-year class.

In order to assist in your transition back to Princeton’s campus, your residential college dean will meet with you as soon after your return as possible (and we are also available to meet with you regularly throughout your Princeton career). We want to make sure you feel connected to resources to help you meet your academic goals and address any of your questions or concerns. Some of the resources your dean may recommend include The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Disability Services, the Writing Center, individual departmental director of undergraduate studies, peer tutoring, and independent research and writing support.

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