Taking a Leave

Regardless of the reason you are taking time away, your residential college dean handles all leaves and reinstatements for students in their college and will be your point person for the leave-taking process.  Your dean will explain how things will work with your academics (for example, whether your courses will be erased or whether you will have W noted on your transcript, depending on the point in the semester); he or she may also communicate about your leave to your professors, if you would like.  Your dean can assist in connecting you with resources that could be helpful during your time away from Princeton. Your assistant dean for student life will ensure that you have referrals to resources that will support your health and wellness while on leave.

A standard leave of absence typically lasts for two semesters, due to the sequential nature of Princeton’s curriculum and the structure of independent work. If you have completed at least one year of study and if you have formally joined an academic department, it is possible to petition for a one-semester leave of absence. Details on all aspects of the leave of absence policy, including information on reinstatement procedures, can be found in the Undergraduate Announcement, but be sure to ask your dean any specific questions you have.

Depending on the timing and circumstances of your leave, there may be reinstatement conditions or financial implications for you to consider, in accordance with policy. Once again, your residential college dean can provide advice and assistance. Information on adjustments in charges for the semester can be found under the “Fees and Expenses” section of the Undergraduate Announcement, and if you receive financial aid, plan to consult with the financial aid office in the process of finalizing your leave.  

A student who elects a leave of absence, regardless the timing of the leave, remains eligible for financial aid following reinstatement.



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