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If you have decided to take a leave because of a health or well-being issue, you will be asked to complete an exit consultation at Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) or University Health Services (UHS). The exit consultation is an opportunity to speak with a counselor or other medical professional in order to receive guidance and treatment recommendations for your time away.  During this meeting, the counselor or medical clinician can also provide referrals for care close to your home or wherever you will be spending your leave. If you have concerns about  access to healthcare on leave, be sure to speak with your clinician.

Your first step is to meet with your dean or assistant dean for student life (ADSL). They will explain the exit consultation process, have you sign the appropriate releases that allow communication between University Health Services (UHS) and your residential college, and facilitate the scheduling of the consultation.  After you meet with your ADSL, expect an email from UHS or CPS inviting you to come in for an appointment.  The exit consultation usually lasts about an hour.

University Health Services takes student privacy very seriously.  With your permission, they will communicate in a very limited way with your residential college staff, letting your ADSL know what treatment they recommend to facilitate a successful return to Princeton.


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