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When you take a leave of absence, you are no longer an active student.  So you will not be able to participate in any activities that are limited to enrolled students.  These activities include participating in student organizations and attending student-only events.  Access to Dillon Gym and campus recreation activities are open only to enrolled students. 

If you are a varsity athlete, you may have many questions about how a leave of absence will affect your athletic eligibility. Participation in varsity athletics is also dependent on enrolled student status.  If you are a varsity athlete, you should consult with Kelly Widener, Associate Director of Athletics and Compliance (; 609-258-5312) on any question pertaining to NCAA eligibility issues.  Prior to taking your leave, in addition to meeting with your residential college dean, a varsity athlete is required to meet with Kelly Widener and James Alexander (Alec) Dun, Assistant Dean (; 609-258-9310) to discuss eligibility and academic issues. 

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