Taking a Leave

Once you make the decision to take a break from Princeton, the actual process of leave taking is not an onerous one. Your residential college dean will explain the formal process to you, and will ask you to complete a short checklist of offices that need to be notified. This departure checklist includes notifying your academic department, returning library books, and canceling your housing and dining contract.  If you are a student who receives financial aid, you should also connect with a Financial Aid officer.

Any student who must take time away for military service lasting more than 30 consecutive days may be approved for a leave of absence related to military service, and may be reinstated to their degree program(s) after the period of service is completed without academic or financial penalty, and in keeping with Princeton’s regular policies governing academic progress and reinstatement. Any student taking time away for military service or planning to re-enroll after the completion of services should consult their residential college dean. For more information on military leaves please visit https://odoc.princeton.edu/students-taking-time-away-military-service.

International students are also asked to check out with the Davis International Center.

Student-athletes also need to connect with athletic advisers prior to leaving.

Many times students need support in taking care of their health and well-being while away from campus. Your dean is happy to help you consult with your assistant dean for student life and University Health Services in connecting with those health resources. 

For students who are suspended, the process of checking out is exactly the same. A letter about your suspension penalty is sent from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students

Your dean will also explain the process to return to Princeton. Once you turn in your departure checklist, your dean will change your status and a send a formal letter to you and your family confirming your leave of absence and reminding you of the Princeton reinstatement process. Your dean will continue to be available to answer any questions you may have while on leave.


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