Coming Back From a Leave

You are eligible for reinstatement of your Princeton enrollment for a three-year period. Within this time period, you can expect to receive instructions for completing the online reinstatement forms from your residential college dean. For students planning a fall semester return, the process begins in March with an email from your dean, and your reinstatement is confirmed in May. If you wish to return in the spring semester, the process will begin in November and you will be notified of your reinstatement status in December. Included in the reinstatement information from your residential college dean is information about housing (fall semester returners participate in room draw), dining, and the issuance of a new prox cards.  Returning sophomores, juniors, and seniors are usually eligible to enroll in courses on TigerHub at the same time as other members of their class.

In thinking about returning to Princeton, consider the factors that contributed to your decision to take a leave and whether you have addressed any relevant concerns while on leave.  The Princeton environment can feel challenging and stressful, so if you are returning to campus with strategies for managing those challenges in ways that are healthy and effective for you, you will be more confident and have more academic momentum. Your residential college dean is always available to talk with you about your readiness to return, and to review the myriad academic, health, and social resources in place at Princeton to make your return successful.

For the exact policies about your eligibility to return from leave and also for leaves with conditions, please refer to the Undergraduate Announcement

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