Transfer Courses

While on leave, you may choose to enroll in a college course or courses. You may be motivated to rectify a course deficiency, regain academic momentum, and/or explore a new course of study. Princeton AB students have the opportunity to have three such courses transfer to Princeton for credit and BSE students are allowed four such transfer courses.

In order for outside courses to be approved for Princeton credit, you should seek approval from the appropriate academic department and your residential college director of studies or dean. The process for getting courses approved is fairly simple, but it does require that you pay attention to details. If you are planning to take courses abroad you should submit your materials to Dr. Gisella Gisolo in the Office of International Programs (Louis A. Simpson International Building), not to your residential college.

What's the process?

  1. Do some web research and find a class that looks promising (see below for details about this, and read the approval form very carefully before you start looking). If you need some help choosing a course, or do not know what department the course in question will transfer in to, please be in touch with your residential college director of studies or dean. Then print out all of the course information, the syllabus, and the academic session calendar stating the first and last days of class. Fill out PART ONE of the approval form fully: be sure to note the purpose of the course.
  2. Email the form and supporting information to the department Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) of the relevant department (e.g. the history DUS for a history course). Your director of studies or dean can help you get this contact information, too.  The DUS will decide if the course may be approved and will sign your form. If the course will be a prerequisite in a different department, you must also get a signature there (e.g. if you’d like math course to fulfill a requirement in ECO or ORF). If you’d like the course to count towards a certificate program, then you must also secure the signature of the program director. BSE students, you also need a signature from Dean Bogucki. For students on leave, forwarded email confirmation can be sent to your residential college.
  3. After the confirmation is received, email the form and supporting materials for final approval to your residential college, or to the Office of International Programs for courses abroad.   

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