Staying Healthy

For many students, time away from Princeton is a chance to focus on health. If you took a leave for health-related reasons, we encourage you to follow any treatment recommendations that were made at the time of your leave.  Please take seriously the importance of trying to address any of your health-related concerns. Students who do not get treatment for their health or well-being issues while away from school often struggle with the same issues when they return, and some end up taking another leave.

If you need assistance in getting connected to treatment while on leave, please don’t hesitate to contact Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) or University Health Services (UHS).  We are here to help. Both CPS and UHS can aid you in identifying local healthcare resources in your area.  If you take a leave of absence for any reason, you may be eligible to extend the Student Health Plan for up to 12 months.  You can contact the Student Health Plan office for more details about this option.


Time Away from Princeton, Dr. Calvin Chin, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

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