Required Withdrawal and Suspension

Occasionally, students meet the threshold for required academic withdrawal from the University. If these are your circumstances, your dean will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. An academic required withdrawal is not meant to be punitive; instead, it's a recognition that an unsuccessful semester must be repeated in order for the student to make satisfactory progress to degree. The policies related to required withdrawal for academic reasons can be found in the Undergraduate Announcement.

Information for students who need to leave the University for a fixed period of time for disciplinary reasons (suspension and suspension with conditions) can be found in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities. For students who are suspended, the process of checking out is identical to that for other types of leave. A letter about your suspension penalty is sent from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.  Students who have been suspended often have many questions about how this separation will impact their standing.  Take a look at the FAQs on this website, and please don't hesitate to talk with your dean, assistant dean for studies, or assistant dean for student life about your questions and concerns.

In addition to being a sanction that reflects the importance of certain community values at our institution, suspensions also provide an opportunity for students to reflect on the circumstances that led to their mistakes.  In their time away from campus, most students engage in productive activity, such as taking classes, doing internships, or working.  It can also be beneficial for students to consider how best to avoid the circumstances that led to their missteps and address some of the issues that were at the root of the decisions they made.  Some may find it helpful to use their time away to strategize about improving their time management and how to balance academic work with co-curricular activities, while others may also use the time to address mental health, substance abuse or other health issues.  

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