Thinking about taking a leave?

Your residential college dean handles all leaves for students in their college, and can talk with you about important variables as you consider whether a leave of absence is right for you.  Your dean can also assist in connecting you with resources that could be helpful in supporting you here at Princeton; if relevant, your dean will work with your assistant dean for student life to ensure that you have referrals to health and wellness resources.

Making a decision to take a leave after a semester has started requires careful thought and consultation. You may have academic questions about the benefits of finishing a semester or leaving midway; depending on the reasons you might need to take a leave, you may want to connect with University resources around health and well-being before making any decision. Your dean can address these academic questions and work with your assistant dean for student life to refer you to other resources.  Depending on timing and circumstance of your leave, there may be financial implications for you to consider: we urge you to talk with a Financial Aid counselor early in the decision-making process.  A student who chooses to take a leave of absence, regardless the timing of the leave, remains eligible for financial aid following reinstatement.

A leave of absence usually lasts for two semesters, due to the sequential nature of Princeton’s curriculum and the structure of independent work. If you have completed at least one year of study and if you have formally joined an academic department, it is possible to petition for a one-semester leave of absence: discuss this with your dean. Details on all aspects of the leave of absence policy, including information on reinstatement procedures, can be found in the Undergraduate Announcement.